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ICTE - Institute for the Spanish Touristic Quality


The Tourism Sustainability Certification has been implemented by the ICTE (Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality) to assist establishments, companies, and destinations in Spain in the integration of the Millennium Development Goals.

The Tourism Sustainability Mark is obtained when the tourism organization complies with at least one of the following two standards:

  • Technical Specification for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in tourism organizations.
  • UNE-ISO 21401:2019 Sustainability Management System for accommodations.


Certification presented by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Graciela Blanco, and the President of the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE), Miguel Mirones.

This certification addresses aspects such as improvements in purchasing planning for waste reduction, the promotion of energy efficiency, training in sustainability, attention to functional diversity, the adoption of social responsibility programs, or measures that enhance the quality of life of individuals working in these establishments.

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