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Programs including accomodation

Several days treatments including the stay in Puebloastur combining therapeutic and natural gastronomy with the slow life of the Asturian town.

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Cancellation policy:

Reservations can be cancelled 4 hours before the time reserved. After 4 hours will be penalized with 50% of the price of the treatment or the massage.

No show to the massage or treatment or to cancel it 1 hour before will be penalized with 100% of the price.

Salt Massage ( 60 minutes)

Exclusive detoxifying treatment and revitalizing for body and mind, made with Himalayan salt , rich in essential minerals. Purification and intensive cleaning action.

Relieves muscle aches, stimulates metabolism and improves microcirculation.


​Sleep Ritual (60 minutes)

Exclusive ritual-cure massage that favorice a deep rest of mind-body.

Helps to recuperate of stress situations, jet lag effects and it inhances rest and sleep quality , using the tact , smell (sweet orange, damask rose and cedar wood) and the ear, since a specific melody is used to create a hypnotic effect.

​Aromasoul ( 60 minutes)

Sensory experience and adequate benefits for both a female audience as masculine, in all the seasons. Aromasoul massage allows you to customize the ritual by choosing the different aromas which will guide to our senses by the Mediterranean , Asia , India and Arabia.

Facial treatment Hidramemory Express (20-25 minutes)  

Deeply moisturizing hyaluronic acid treatment for face and neck. Specific to replenish the skin's water reserves and prevent aging premature skin due to dehydration. Your skin will look silky, brighter and more compact.




- Make-up Removal

- Carita ritual of relaxation and wellness

- Rénovateur massage (peeling)

- Carita massage (Mask)

- Specific massage

- Mask application + massage

- Finishing Touches

- Final treatment protocol

- * A distintive treatment for every skin type

Price: 120€

For dehydrated skin. Returns the skin to a VITALIZED and ELASTIC appearance, leaving the skin REGENERATED and RADIANT.

Mythical: 60 minutes 120€

Cinetic Lift Expert : 90 min aprox. 140€


For sensitive skin. Leaving the appearance of the face SMOOTH and PERFECT. The skin is SOFT and recovers the ELASTICITY.

Mythical: 60 minutes 120€

Cinetic Lift Expert: 90 minutes aprox. 150€


The result is immediate beauty; the incipient wrinkles are SOFTNED , the surface wrinkles are filled and persistent wrinkles are HIDDEN. The skin is FRESH and BRIGHT.

Mythical: 60 minutes 120€

Cinetic Lift Expert: 90 minutes aprox. 170€


Immediately the skin is FIRM, recovering its brightness and freshness.

Mítico: 60 minutos 120€

Cinetic Lift Expert: 90 minutes aprox. 170€


30 minutes 75€


Cinetic Lift Expert + products according to skin type./p>

30 minutes 85€


Peeling + moisturizing body.

Complete: 45 – 50 minutes 120€

Partial: 30 minutes 70€

*Cinetc Lift Expert: Carita machine patented  

*Prices include VAT

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