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Geothermal and Aerothermal Energy


At Puebloastur, we have a heating system (160 kW) and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system (80 kW), as well as Spa heating with renewable energy input.

Propane gas generators are used, with additional support from vertical geothermal for 78.8 kW and 29.5 kW, respectively.

The cooling system is achieved through 69.7 kW air-to-water aerothermal and support from vertical geothermal for 61.2 kW.

The installation aims to optimize production through gas generators, aerothermal, and geothermal, as well as terminal elements such as radiators, fan-coils, and underfloor heating, depending on the various patterns of usage and occupancy within the establishment.

Thanks to geothermal energy, we self-produce 70% of the energy required for daily operations, including hot water, heating, and air conditioning.


Furthermore, there is underfloor heating installed in two areas of the hotel (the second-floor hall and the ground-floor bar).

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