Spa Nature

A place to find evasion for body, mind and soul


Designed as a space for disconnection and enjoyment of the senses, the Nature Spa & Wellness is a place of relaxing atmosphere, where water and landscape belong together. Integrated into a showcase furniture and art design in a unique environmentthat transport the client to a harmonious and peaceful place, in order to obtain revitalization & Wellness feel in direct contact with nature.


Our space has an active hydrotherapy pool with over 20 spurts to treat and prevent ailments in all parts of the body, in order to achieve the most complete relaxation may have experienced.

We also have: -Finnish Saunna, which eliminate toxins, improve breathing, increased heart rate and vasodilation and help muscles recover after exercise. -Turkish Bath, that help to cleanse your skin, remove impurities, help your respiratory system and benefit your body in recovery processes.


To complement these two elements, we have a well of cold water to achieve the desired vasodilation and vasoconstriction.

We have a space with 5 showers that will begin a journey to a world of sensations through aromatherapy, different types of fall, water states and color therapy, among others, to calm emotions getting the right balance between body and mind.

Limited capacity to enjoy our facilities with exclusivity and unmatched tranquility.



Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Includes: Hydrotherapy pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, Sauna, Turkish bath and sensations showers.

  • Hotel guests 35 € (adults) / 18 € (under  12 years)
  • Non hotel guests 50 € (adults) / 25 € (under 12 years)

The price includes:

  • Use of bathrobe and flipflops
  • Changing room with lockers
  • Natural juices and teas
  • Parking

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