Restaurant Puebloastur

Restaurante Puebloastur


Un espacio con rincones íntimos y encanto especial para disfrutar de la gastronomía del famoso Chef Ramón Celorio.


Cuenta con una terraza al aire libre con vistas singulares a los Picos de Europa. Un espectáculo de naturaleza y sabor.



The Ox Burger
with ecologic tomato, mixed lettuce, smoked cheese and red onion /
( Mustard,sesame, sulphites and gluten)

20 €

“Asturcelta” Pork Ribs Wrap
with “Ahumado de Pría” cheese and guacamole (Gluten and milk)

21 €
Premium T-Bone( Chuletón ) “ Txogitxu “, Chips and Roasted peppers65 €/ Kg
Asturian Red Beef Cut, with potatoes gratin and peppers (Milk)29 €
Baby Lamb Shoulder,
Lettuce, tomato, onion salad and Spanish potato (Milk)
31 €


To startPrice

Roasted Scallops with curried cauliflower, black truffle and green asparagus (Molluscs)

24 €

Homemade Croquettes with iberic ham (Gluten, egg and milk)

16 €
Steamed and Grilled Fresh Vegetables with Parmesan slices and hazel nuts (Egg, milk and mustard)18 €
El PulpoChingón (Octopus) grilled with tamarind sauce, chile chipotle, spicy onion and guacamole / (Soya and molluscs)21 €
Pig´s Trotters Stew with cod corns and limpets sauce (Gluten, molluscs, fish and sulphites)24 €
Cured Wagyu 33 €
67º Egg Verdina bean stew prawn Carpaccio and citrus fruits (Egg and milk)15 €
Duck Foie - GrasTerrine With pear chutney and spicy bread (Gluten and sulphites)23 €
100% Asturian “Fabada” Beans Stew with pork spiced cuts18 €


The Catch of the day “Lonja de Tazones” (Fish and molluscs)

Cantabrian Roasted Hake from the Hook Grilled with limpets sauce
​(Fish and crustaceans) 

28 €

home made dessertsPrice

Hot Chocolate Souflé with yogurt ice-cream and coconut
(Gluten, egg, milk, nut and dried fruits)

8 €

Tiramisu With local “Rey Silo” cheese (Gluten, egg and milk)

8 €
Sweet Orange Cream with pistachio Financiere sponge cake and cane rum (Gluten, egg, milk, nut and dried fruits)
8 €
Asturian Rice Pudding creamy and caramelized (Milk)
7 €
Apple Thin Puff Cake With Burbonvainilla ice-cream (Gluten,Egg and milk)
8 €
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad (Milk)12 €


DO Cabrales "Cueva Teyedu"

12 €

DO Gamonéu del Puertu

12 €
DO Beyos de vaca8 €
DO Rey Silo rojo8 €
DO Casín dos rabiladas8 €
Assortement14 €





Roasted Cauliflower Cream
with aromatic herbs and trout caviar
Homemade Ham Creamy Croquettes
(Gluten, egg and milk)
Roasted Scallops
with verdina bean stew
(Milk and mollucs)
PulpoChingón (octopus)
with chipotle and tamarind sauce, Pickled onions and guacamole
(Soya and mollucs)
Suckling Pig´s trotters stew
with cod and barnacles juice
(Gluten, mollucs, fish and sulphites)
The Catch of the day
roasted with salicornia juice
 Iberian pork
With wild mushrooms
(Milk and sulphites)
Hazel nut Soufflé
With cinnamon Ice cream
(Gluten, egg, milk, nut and dried fruits)
Hot Chocolate Souffle
withhomemade ice cream
(Gluten, egg, milk, nut and dried fruits)
Petits Fours Puebloastur
(Gluten, egg, milk and sulfites)
Includes mineral waters and our daily baked breads selection
€ 60
(VAT included)
This menu will be served at full table.


67ºC Egg
Verdina bean stew
Prawn Carpaccio and citrus fruits
(Egg and milk)
Hook Hake
Grilled with limpets sauce
(Fish and crustaceans)
Ox Cheekbone
With Creamed Mushrooms and baby vegetables
“Rey Silo” Cheese Tiramisu
 (Gluten, egg and milk)
Caramelized Asturian Rice pudding
40€ (wine not included)
45€ (wine included)
(VAT included)
Includes mineral waters and our daily baked breads selection