The Halcón Gourmet

Halcon Gourmet Restaurant

An exclusive space with lots of art overlooking the "Newton" by Salvador Dali and unique pieces in the lounge represented by the four elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire.

Ramón Celorio, will delight lovers of the current Asturian cuisine with a touch of innovation and international flavors, fruit of the path of the chef who has been able to bring your kitchen worldwide.

Tasting Menu



Cantabrian Rockfish Sashimi 

with chili and floral contrasts


Two bites:

Longfin tuna with ratatouille and

Roasted beef tongue with mushrooms and

smoked sardine


Gillardeau Oyster

with iced cider "Quiéreme vida"


Mellowed Goose Foie Gras

Armagnac and violet floral notes


Scarlet Prawn "Black Garlic"

and tender salad leaves


The Orchard and the Sea

white farm beans stewed with vegetables, 

seaweeds and Cantabrian seafood


Daily fish from the hook

with limpets sauce and citrus


Asturcelta Pork block

with beetroot cream, vanilla and  sweet fruit 


Piña colada

over pistachio cake and cane rum mousse

Hazelnut Soufflé

with coffee ice cream

VAT included / Winery not included